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Kid's Yoga Box

Kid's Yoga Box

Kids Yoga Box: Mindful Breathing, Yoga, and Calm Me Down Box Teaches Social-Emotional Skills & Anxiety Relief


This kids yoga activity box helps children to self-regulate and teaches the superpower and science-based approach of breathing to manage big feelings and strong emotions on the spot.

Teaching children proper breathing habits gives them a simple and effective way to slow down to notice how they are feeling and calm down when facing overwhelming emotions.

The yoga kit includes activities that promote breathing, self-regulation, movement, and affirmations.

This self-care box included in the kid's yoga box make an excellent stress relief gift and help kids build focusing skills in this technology-filled world. This box is great for elementary school children.

The kid's yoga gift box includes:
- Large feather
- Balloon with glitter inside
- Yoga Book
- Unique coloring pencil
- Coloring page with a yoga lesson
- Bubble Wand
- Colorful Pinwheel
- Instruction Manual

For Parents: The activities are very simple and help you spend quality time with your child. They serve as a great addition to the beginning of your day or a nice addition to your bedtime routines. Doing these activities regularly with your child will help them self-regulate without being prompted.

Age Range: While we designed this box for little ones in mind (ages 2-8), we’ve received great feedback from “older kids” (and parents!) who’ve found them very helpful. The practices of mindfulness are intentionally simple so they really do work for most age ranges. If you’re looking for a simple introduction, these will work well.

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    Kid's Yoga Box
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