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Prenatal Care

Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Power . Pilates . Yoga

We have prenatal yoga, prenatal power, & prenatal pilates. Exercising during pregnancy has been proven to help prepare the body for childbirth and has a number of emotional and spiritual benefits. Our Prenatal classes offer an opportunity to tune into your sensations and to connect with your baby inside of you. A sense of community is also essential for any mom-to-be. Connecting with other pregnant women provides a sense of support and can help ground you in your experience. 

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Newborn Baby with Mom

Postnatal Classes

Postnatal Power . Pilates . Yoga

This multi-level postpartum yoga & power class is specifically designed to reawaken and strengthen a woman's postpartum body (with an emphasis on their core and pelvic floor) after giving birth, while they practice yoga. This class helps moms regain physical, mental, and emotional strength during the early months of motherhood while they meet other new moms. 

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Yoga Phamily

Baby & Me Sculpt Yoga

This multi-level circuits & yoga class is specifically designed to get your heart rate up and strengthen your body with your baby. In the class, you will use your baby as a weight. Dads are welcome to attend the class too! Baby yoga and songs are included. This class helps moms and dads regain physical, mental and emotional strength during the early months of motherhood while they meet other new and veteran parents.

School Kids Meditating

Kid's & Phamily Yoga

Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a young child’s growing curiosity. Playful Yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation techniques, teach toddlers, young children, and teenagers about their growing bodies. Sprinkled with music, picture books, and age appropriate props, we’ll spark the child’s inner yogi while enhancing language development, motor coordination, and play skills. Classes will be divided into appropriate age groups

Kids Yoga
Fun at Yoga

Yoga & Pilates

We have yoga classes that range from beginners, gentle flow, meditation, all the way to dynamic vinyasa level 2. 

Yoga for Beginners

Starting with the basics allows you to build the strength, flexibility and knowledge needed to move forward with your practice safely and organically. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a class and being completely unfamiliar with what's going on. In addition to the alignment of the poses we discuss yoga etiquette and learn basic yoga breathing and meditation techniques.

Gentle Yoga Flow

Perfect for beginners or experienced students who would like to slow down and let the body stretch and open gently.  

Meditation & Mindful Flow

We'll start with 15 min of guided meditation to help calm the nervous system and steady the mind. From there, we'll move into a gentle, mindful flow which will echo the threads we explored in the meditation portion. No meditation experience necessary! There is no "right" way to meditate - the juice is in the repetition, the showing up, the willingness to sit with yourself. The flow portion will move at a soft pace, and offer plenty of options to adjust the practice to suit you.


In Pilates you have a total body movement experience each time. The focus is on the control and precision of your movements and breath. Expect to feel parts on your body that you have never felt before. Expect to have more mobility and feel taller after class. Expect to see a difference in your posture and for others to comment on it as well. Expect Pilates to change your life.

Yoga Pilates
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